Moving Time-table – What to do 1 week before the moving date

Everyone in your home will be too busy with their own moving related tasks and if there is no more than a week for moving date, it is time to step up. If you haven’t postponed moving planning, you should have almost everything ready for move by this time. However, there is still a lot of work to be done and completed when you have to move within a week.

Complete Packing And Label Properly

By this time, each and every room in your home should be packed thoroughly and you should be down to packing miscellaneous items in the high traffic areas. Each and every box must be properly labeled. Just by looking at the box, you should know where the items go and what items are inside the box. You should also mark and color code your boxes if you want your movers to take additional care to move the boxes.

Pack Your Personal Items

Even though you let the movers carry all of your stuff, you should have some personal items with you to survive in the new place for at least a week because unexpected delays can always be expected. Moreover, important documents like passport and other documents should be properly packed in safe suitcases and you have to carry those documents with you.

Clean And Dismantle Electronic Items

Your freezer and refrigerator should be cleared by this time. If you plan on taking furniture, you should now get down to cleaning the furniture to prepare for the move. Electronic items like TV and computers should be prepared for the move. You have to dismantle the electronic items and ensure that they are ready for packing.

Re-Confirm Travel Plans And Arrangements

The travel plans for you and your family should be reconfirmed because you will only have one week to move. You should talk to your neighbors and make room for huge moving van in your driveway. You also need to talk to your house owner or maintenance staff to get keys for elevator to move goods up down. By this time, your pets should be prepared for the move and their travel plans too must be confirmed.

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