Moving Time-table – What to do 2 weeks before the moving date

If you are just two weeks away from moving to a new city and place, you may feel that everything is disorganized. If you have been following your moving planner, you will be in good place right now even though you feel that things are disastrous. With kids and family, the mounting pressure can increase your stress, but it is time for you to keep everything under control. Update your moving checklist frequently and make sure that you don’t postpone completion of your moving tasks now because you don’t have more than two weeks to finally make the move.

Get Help

While making the move, you may not want to disturb others and it can result in taking up more responsibilities than you can possibly handle. Moreover, with just two weeks to move, you may want to spend some quality time with your friends and family, but you won’t have time to do it. Throw a simple moving party and welcome your friends and family to help you. You can purchase food and drinks for everyone and ask them to help with moving. If you have small kids, you can hire babysitter to take care of them when you are busy with organizing the move.

Service Your Car And Update Insurance Details

You are just two weeks away from moving and if you plan to take your car with you, you have to leave your car for a thorough service. You should let your mechanic do a thorough cleaning and inspection. Car registration and insurance details must be updated to reflect the change in the moving address. You should remember that you won’t be able to drive your car in the new state or city without properly updating insurance details.

Start Clearing Your Pantry And Organize Family Meals For The Upcoming Dates

The moving companies won’t allow you to move perishable items and hence, your pantry should be cleared as soon as possible. You should restrict purchase of groceries and when you need food, just buy the quantity that will be consumed completely. You are just two weeks from moving to a new place and you won’t have to time for complete family meals. So, organize and plan simple family meals for the upcoming days.

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