Moving Time-table – What to do 3 weeks before the moving date

When you are just 3 weeks away from moving, the pressure will mount up and if you haven’t properly planned so far, you may have to face a lot of hurdles. By this time, you should have confirmed your mover and notified change of address to everyone. Those who like to pack their own goods should be at least half way through packing when it is just 3 weeks from the move. Even though the fast approaching move may haunt you, you should stay calm and composed during this time to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Re-confirm moving details

You should double check with your movers that moving date and moving details are accurate. Check the address of destination, source, date and time of move. If you decide that some of the goods must be packed professionally, it is high time to inform your movers about it. You have to make sure that the moving estimate that you receive reflects all moving charges.

Investigate Storage Needs

If your home will not be ready to move in when you reach your destination, you need storage services to store your goods. Most moving companies will provide storage services. Otherwise, you can hire local storage services, but you should shop for storage when you have 3 weeks to move.

Confirm All Travel Plans

You will be moving in 3 weeks and if you haven’t booked tickets for you and your family, you have to do it now. The accommodation should be ready at the destination by this time. If you are taking pets, confirm travel plans for your pets. If you have plants, check with your movers about whether they can be moved. Otherwise, you have to give your plants away.

Return Rented Items And Deal With Safety Boxes

If you are using rented items, you should return everything by this time and don’t postpone this even though you think that your rental movies are not exploited fully. Then, you have to clear your safety boxes and ensure that they are in a safe place until you make the move. If possible, you should put away these items in safety boxes that are closer to your new home.

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