Moving Time-table – What to do 4-5 weeks before the moving date

In an attempt to organize your move, you may spend a lot more time on moving companies and later, you may realize that you have to move in 4 to 5 weeks. Even if you haven’t started actual organization of move, it is not late to begin until 4-5 weeks to move. If you miss this window, then your move can become chaotic. With a month to move, you can speed up your organization skills and get everything ready by the moving day, provided you decide to act immediately.

Contact Utility Companies

When you are 4-5 weeks away from the moving date, it means that you are physically and mentally ready to move. You have to contact utility companies like telephone, cable, electricity, water, internet and cable companies about your moving and inform them about the change of address. You should however keep the contract of utility companies alive until the moving date. You should also notify the post office about the change of address and moving date so that you don’t miss out your mails.

Contact Financial Institutions

You have to notify your bank, creditors, insurance companies and local government agencies about your move and possible change of address. It is your responsibility to ensure that your financial information is up-to-date and correct. When you provide change of address, you should also notify about the moving date and inform them when you will be available in the new address.

Notify Change Of Address To Everyone Else

Your subscriptions for newspapers, memberships and clubs should also be updated to include the new moving address. You have to notify everyone involved to update your address. Health care providers are often ignored while moving, but you shouldn’t forget to notify them. If you have children, it is time to inform the school about the move and get references. Pet owners should take their pets to vets to find out the type of vaccination required. You also need to inform your friends and relatives about the move so that they don’t have to feel disappointed to find out that you are not living in the old address.

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