Moving Time-table – What to do 6-8 weeks before the moving date

The actual moving process doesn’t take more than a few days, but in order to ensure that the moving process proceeds smoothly, you have to organize properly. Moving plans should be made well in advance and as the moving date approaches, you have to ensure that you proceed exactly according to your plans. It is recommended that you choose the movers you are going to deal with at least 8 weeks in advance. This way, you can be sure that you get appropriate moving services exactly when you need them.

Finalize Moving Decision

You have to talk to your movers and schedule the exact moving date. By this time, you should also get your binding contract in writing and complete the entire formalities essential to confirm your moving decision.

Inspect Your Home To Determine What You Want To Move

Before beginning moving steps, you may assume that you don’t have that many things to move and after all, you have been living a minimalist life style. However, only when you create a checklist for goods to be moved in every room, you will realize how many items you have actually have to move. While deciding on the goods that you wish to move, ask yourself whether you need that item in your new home. You may wish to carry all of your stuff to your new home, but you should also take into account the space available in your new home.

Give Away Stuff And Start Packing The Rest

The items that you don’t intend to move should be discarded in one way or another. If you find that some goods are still usable, you can organize a garage sale to make money out of stuff that you won’t carry anyway. You can donate the rest to charity and clear away all items that you don’t want to take with you. Then, you should gather all the packing supplies and start packing. Even if you don’t intend to do all the packing on your own, you have to pack valuable items and documents that must be carried with you during the relocation.

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