Moving Time-table – What to do immediately after the move

You have successfully moved to your new home and all you may want to do is relax and enjoy on the couch. However, there is a lot of work to do immediately after the move and you can’t really enjoy until you make all the arrangements to settle down peacefully. If you are just able to hold down your fort for a couple more days dealing with moving issues, you won’t have any problem later on. It is for this reason that everyone in your household should be involved in moving so that you can share the responsibilities and make the move less cumbersome.

Immediately Check Goods After Unloading

The moving company provides insurance to protect your goods during transit and unless you check the condition of the goods immediately after transit, you can’t estimate the damages caused. The bill of lading should have been provided by your mover before loading goods and you should use it now. Inspect every electronic item and goods that came in your moving truck and check their condition against the bill of lading. If you find any damage caused during transit, get it in writing and get it signed by the driver.

Make Final Payments

Most of the moving companies will leave you on your own after unloading and unless you have specifically requested unpacking services, the moving staff won’t help you with that. The driver will usually urge you to make final payments and after inspecting your goods, you can pay the remaining moving cost according to your binding estimate. It is considered as a good gesture to tip your driver and moving staff who help you with unloading.

Establish Your Destination As Your New Home

After unloading and unpacking, your new home will be chaotic and it will take a couple of weeks to move goods to appropriate rooms. Rather than getting jailed up in your new home, you have to get out and explore your new city. You should establish bank accounts and make sure that loans are transferred to the new city branch. You also have to deal with vehicle registration, licensing and insurance so that you can use your car in the new place.

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