Moving Time-table – What to do on Moving day

It is the moving day and you have to be prepared to let the moving staff take away the boxes from your home. You have to bid adieu to your old home and get prepared to move to a new home. The moving day refers to the day on which all your goods are moved out and loaded in trucks. Once loading is complete, the moving staff will drive the truck to take your goods to your destination. If you followed your moving plan, you should be able to relax and oversee the moving tasks that are done by the moving staff.

Be Present During The Loading Process

On the moving day, you won’t have time to pack even a single item. Moving day can be stress free if you have all the items ready and packed. You have to gather all the moving boxes into a room which is easily accessible from the outside. Then, your movers will find it easy to load the boxes into the moving truck.

Inspect The Inventory Checking

Before loading your goods, the moving staff will perform a thorough inventory of all your goods. You should be present during this inventory checking to ensure that no errors are made. You also need to keep an eye on the condition of the goods that are loaded into the trucks.

Check To Make Sure Nothing Is Missed

Once the loading process is complete, your home should be clean and empty. You have to tour around your home slowly to ensure that nothing is missed out. You should pay special attention to garage, basement and attic where you tend to accumulate goods. Turn off all electrical outlets and lock all doors and windows.

Get The Bill Of Lading

After double checking that nothing is left behind, you should get your copy of bill of lading and sign it. This should be kept safely with you because when you receive goods, you will be checking them against this bill of lading. You also need to ensure that the address and phone number is accurate and correct for the moving company to contact you in times of need.

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