Components Of A Long Distance Moving Cost

Recreating your home after relocation is a tough task and that is why you should take your goods with you so that you can easily establish your new home. When you try to move your entire home, you should be aware of the moving cost involved. If you are not alert, you may end up blowing a big hole in your wallet. Long distance moving can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. Understanding the different components of long distance moving cost will help you to understand the costs that you can control to stay within your budget.

Distance To Be Traveled

The distance between your source and destination plays a major role in determining the moving cost. When goods are moved all the way to opposite part of the country, moving cost will be high because you have to pay for the truck and driver carrying your goods. Generally, the moving companies will have a fixed cost for the distance traveled.

Weight Of Goods

The weight of goods that must be moved is also a major contributor towards the long distance moving cost. The federal government requires moving companies to weigh the goods to be moved and insurance is usually provided based on the weight of goods moved. Generally, the moving companies won’t weigh every single item in your household and rather, they will give a general rounded estimate based on the size of the home and the number and type of goods to be moved.


It is mandatory for moving companies to provide insurance for goods moved in trucks and containers. The general insurance will only cost $0.60 per lb of an item. Obviously, this will not cover the repair cost if your goods are damaged during transit. So, you have to purchase additional insurance which can add on to your long distance moving cost.

Storage Requirements

Sometimes, you may not be able to move in all your goods to your new home after relocation. In that case, you need a safe place to store your goods and the moving companies can provide you with storage space in their storage warehouses. This cost has to be paid by you when you need storage service.

The components of long distance moving cost vary widely with each move and you have to bear with additional miscellaneous charges too. In order to find affordable moving service, fill the online estimate form at our website and get your free quotes for comparison.