How To Get An Accurate Moving Estimate?

Moving estimates that you obtain from leading moving companies are used for evaluation to determine the moving company you want to hire. So, getting accurate moving estimate will help you to make a better decision. If you pick companies that don’t offer accurate estimates, you may end up spending more than what it specified in the estimate and this will throw you off your budget. In order to ensure that you get the best estimate from movers, you have to participate in the estimation process properly.

Fill The Quotes From Truthfully

The first step to get an accurate moving estimate is to fill the quotes form honestly. While shopping for movers, you may not be very serious about providing the right information, but this can affect the final outcome. So, before filling the estimate form, take your time to inspect your own home and decide what things must be moved. To get quotes, you generally have to specify vague size of your home and hence, you don’t have to go to great lengths to actually determine the weight of all goods to be moved.

Request Home Inspection

After getting your moving quotes, you have to compare different moving quotes to decide on the mover you can choose. Even though quotes are provided to you, actual accurate estimate can be provided only if the moving staff inspect your home personally. After comparing quotes, select at least three to four movers and schedule in-house inspection. Companies that don’t show interest in inspecting your home can be ignored at this stage.

Participate In The Home Inspection

Moving companies don’t care about what goods you wish to take or which items you wish to discard. Estimates can only be obtained if you are clear about the goods you wish to move. You should show each and every room in your home to the moving staff to help them estimate the moving cost. Garages, attic and basements are generally ignored by home owners, but loads of stuff from these places may actually be moved. So, make sure that you give a complete list of items you wish to move to get an accurate moving estimate.

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