Interstate Moving

Only moves less than 50 miles are local moves. Interstate moving generally refers to cross country moves and depending on the distance between source and destination, goods may be loaded in trucks or moved in shipping containers. Even people who already have experience with a few local moves struggle when it comes to interstate moving. So, it is better to be cautious while choosing the right moving company to deal with.

What The Interstate Moving Companies Won’t Tell You?

While everyone wants to hire the best and honest moving company, it is always not possible in the moving business. Unless you are an informed customer, you can be easily scammed. As a consumer, you have to know your rights and find out how you can be scammed. This will help you to stay alert and avoid moving scams.

Actual Moving Cost

The interstate moving companies are not always upfront about the actual moving cost. You will get moving quotes from the companies initially, but when it comes to the moving cost you will always get an estimate. You won’t be able to find out moving cost until after paying completely. So, you should use the estimate as a baseline and be prepared to pay more than that.

Additional Moving Charges

Even with a binding contract, moving companies can charge you additional fee and they won’t tell you about it unless you ask for a breakdown in quotation. If the huge moving trucks can’t be driven up to your home, you have to pay for the shuttle charge. Long carry charge is charged when additional effort is required to move trucks that can’t come inside driveway. Stair charge is often charged when goods have to be moved up and down the stairs.

Actual Delivery Schedule

Even though the moving companies promise a moving date for you, you can’t always expect that the goods will be delivered on the scheduled date. You should be patient and sometimes, wait for a couple of weeks to get your goods. So, you have to pack your own bag to survive in the new place for at least two weeks without all your goods.

Understanding interstate moving is the first step towards successful relocation. We offer free and multiple quotes from moving companies and to get your quotes, simply fill the online estimate form at our website.