Long Distance Piano Movers

Long distance moving has become quite common nowadays with advantages strewn all over the world. It is never easy to move your personal belongings to a totally strange place without the help of moving companies. Every one of us will have a precious thing we care very much about and one such thing is a piano.

Piano moving has to be done with great precision and careful handling. So you should be able to choose the right type of long distance piano movers who will deal with the job in a professional manner. For a safe piano moving, it is better if you can get as many free quotes that will be offered online for comparison and fixing. The only means of making the piano moving less strenuous is this. Fill in our form now for this free personalized service!


Piano moving is not an easy task because of the weight and size involved in the process. You must identify the long distance piano movers by means of free online quotes, references from those who have already used the services of these long distance piano movers, and the services that they offer to you. The long distance movers have to make sure that no damage is caused to the instrument. Even if the piano moving is going to be expensive, it is worth it because of the preciousness of the instrument. The final selection of the long distance piano movers has to be done pretty earlier so that you avoid any last minute complications and disappointments.

Points to be noted

There are indeed a few aspects of piano moving that need to be given utmost care before the long distance move of the piano.

  • Good reviews
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Photos of the piano
  • Blanket wrapping
  • Insurance for the full value

Reviews about the long distance piano movers should be taken from those who have already availed the services. Ensure that the long distance piano movers provide climate-controlled piano storage. Remember that hot or cold climate can damage the piano when it is on a long distance move. Find out from the long distance piano movers whether the piano is to be disassembled. Check if the long distance piano movers bring the suitable packing materials for the piano moving.

Remember to take photos of the piano before the long distance move so that you can have these as proofs if any damage is done during the transit. Get blankets to wrap the piano before the long distance move and the piano has to be secured to the side of the trailer. Remember to insure the piano for the full value before the long distance move. Once the piano arrives, do a thorough checking for any damage during the long distance move.

Piano moving is best done by the professionals and it is advisable to take the help of the long distance piano movers. You can get relieved of the stress of piano moving by filling out the free online form for a free quote and we will provide you with free quotes from various long distance piano movers. You have the option of comparing and selecting one long distance piano mover from among the list if they cater to your requirement.