Moving checklist

Moving can be made less stressful if you maintain a proper moving checklist. As and when you finish moving tasks, you can keep checking off those items of the list. This will keep you on track with your moving process and you can always update the moving checklist whenever the need arises. You won’t forget important moving tasks and having a handy checklist will help you to prioritize the move easily. You should develop your checklist based on your convenience and ensure that you keep it close at hand at all times.

  • Shop for movers well in advance and create checklist separately to compare different moving quotes and services.
  • Set the moving date after hiring movers because you have to speed up your moving process only after setting the actual relocation and moving date.
  • Gather moving supplies and again, create a separate checklist for supplies if you are packing on your own.
  • Start home inspection and create a checklist for every room indicating the things present in the room.
  • Find out the goods you want to move with you in every home and create a checklist for items to be sold off or given away. The final checklist of goods will contain everything you want to move in every room.
  • Create color codes for your room and indicate which items go in which room using the color codes. Identify packing supplies to pack rooms individually.
  • Start the packing process and deal with one room at a time. Don’t move on to another room unless all the items in the checklist for the room are packed. To achieve this level of order, you should start with rooms that are less trafficked.
  • Make arrangements for utility transfers at the destination. This way, you won’t have to struggle without utilities when you relocate.
  • Inform your moving date to your utility providers in the source and destination of the move.
  • Notify about address change to all the concerned parties. Again, create a separate checklist and make sure that everyone in the list is checked.
  • Pack a separate bag with supplies that you need to take with you. This bag can help you to survive and sustain your lifestyle until the goods are transported to your new home.

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