What to check before signing the final forms after your move?

Immediately after moving, you should be patient to take up the responsibilities to sign off your mover. Before moving, the moving companies will be patient with you and listen to all your questions. After they have delivered the goods, they won’t be interested in waiting for you anymore. So, don’t be surprised when the driver urges you to complete unloading and unpacking as soon as possible. When the goods are moved in a truck to your new home, you should be present to sign the forms. If you can’t, then you have to arrange someone you trust to complete the post-moving formalities.

Accept Delivery Receipt

By the time your goods reach your new home, you might have made travel arrangements to reach your new home. If the moving companies provide online forms to check the status of shipment, you can easily track your goods. Nevertheless, the can operator will contact you to indicate that the goods are ready for delivery. You will have two hours of time to accept delivery of shipment and if you want the mover to wait before accepting delivery, you may have to pay additional storage charges.

Check Your Goods And Sign Inventory Sheet

When the moving staff unload your goods, you should check the condition of the boxes and goods properly. You can check the goods against the copy of inventory sheet you have. If you see that some items are missing or some boxes are damaged, you have to make appropriate notes in the inventory sheet of the van operator. Make sure that your driver signs this inventory sheet and thereby accepts that damage is done to your goods.

Contact Your Mover And Insurance Company

If you receive your goods in perfect condition, you can simply go ahead after signing the delivery receipt and inventory sheet. Otherwise, you have to contact your mover and ensure that you are going to file claims for insurance. Then, within 24 hours of moving, you should submit your insurance claim. Most moving companies set a cap on the number of days you can take to file the claims. Make sure that you understand the time limits and act within the timeframe to get your compensation.

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