What to expect when your shipped car arrives?

When you try to ship a car during relocation, you have to be very careful with the car transport company you choose because successful delivery of your car can be guaranteed only by professionals. Generally, car transport involves a series of steps and the moving company can help you with that. You have to read the instructions of car transportation thoroughly and prepare your vehicle for transportation. If you don’t prepare your car according to the instructions, the movers won’t guarantee safety of your car.

Be Flexible With Delivery Times

Even though the car transportation companies promise exciting delivery dates and times, you can’t always be sure that your car will be delivered on the same date and time. You should be prepared to meet the delays. So, when you reach the destination, don’t expect to have your car exactly on the delivery date to drive around. You have to make alternate arrangements for your commute until your car arrives. Unforeseen circumstances can result in changes with delivery times and your car transport company can’t help it.

Perform Thorough Inspection

All the moving companies encourage you to perform inspection of your car when you receive the delivery. This inspection will reveal damages that might have been caused to your car during the transit. Apart from the cosmetic changes in your car, you should also check for mechanical damages. Even though staff from the moving company is required to perform this inspection at the receiving time, you should be present to ensure that your car is properly inspected. If you can’t be available, you need to have a trusted person or mechanic to check the inspection.

Get The Record Signed And Clear Payments

After inspecting the car, if you find discrepancies, you should record those discrepancies and get those signed by the staff from the moving company. Without this sign from the moving company that some damage was caused to your car, you won’t be able to make any claims. Irrespective of whether your car is damaged or not, you have to complete the payment.

File Insurance Claim If Needed

If for some reason your car is damaged during the transit, you should follow the instructions of the moving company to file the insurance claims. It is better to file your claims within a day of delivery.

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