Why Should You Use A Certified Mover?

People are easily scammed and fooled by sweet-talk by uncertified movers and you should not let some shady moving company to manipulate you. There are so many rogue movers in the moving industry and more and more people are getting scammed. Despite the attention provided to scams in the transportation and moving industry, the number of victims is gradually increasing. In order to ensure that you are not scammed, it is your responsibility to stay alert and do the required research about a moving company before hiring it.

Professional Affiliations and Their Meaning

People don’t understand the legitimacy of the moving companies they are dealing with mainly because they don’t ask the right questions. Asking for licensing information can filter out most of the bogus companies. Some moving companies that claim to be transport companies often act as middleman connecting consumers with the individual moving contractors. Such companies won’t have appropriate moving license and hence, asking for license will keep you away from the middleman transport companies.

Certified movers will have official BBB rating provided by the Better Business Bureau. This rating provides a good indication about how well the moving company has performed in the past. The rating is provided solely based on how the company has interacted with its clients to satisfy moving requirements. Clients can report poor performance to BBB and the rating of the company will be reduced if the company doesn’t handle disputes properly. There is no need to even mention that you should stay away from companies that have poor BBB rating.

If the moving company has an office in your locality, you can also ask the company about local affiliations with important organizations in the industry like the local chamber of commerce. Companies with good and reputable affiliations can be trusted because affiliations won’t be provided if the company doesn’t meet the guidelines.

Certified movers will register with American moving and storage association (AMSA) and this professional affiliation certainly has some meaning attached to it. It means that the company agrees to abide by the tariffs and adopt a more transparent transport and shipping business policy. Many certified movers will also be a member of Van Line program which guarantees safety of goods during the transit.

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