Shipping A Car to Australia

Titan Internationalmaintains regular sailing schedules from the United States to Australia. Before you begin the process of shipping your vehicle there is some information you should know to ensure you have a stress free and timely experience. As with all foreign countries, it is highly recommended that you investigate local laws, registration processes and import taxes.

Importing your vehicle into Australia requires a Vehicle Import Approval. If you do not have the Vehicle Import Approval, Customs could impose a duty fee of $12,000. In order to drive your vehicle in Australia, you will need to provide proof of valid insurance and your vehicle will need to meet the basic safety requirements. Your vehicle may be quarantined pending registration. You can contact:


The Administrator of Vehicle Standards
ACT Federal Office of Road Safety 0
GPO Box 1553
Canberra Australia 2601

Applying for the Vehicle Import Approval
You may apply for a Vehicle Import Approval from the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Transport and Regional Services. The permit can take as long as 21 days for processing so it is highly recommended that you apply at least three weeks prior to the shipping date.

If you have an antique, classic or sports car you may have to pay a Luxury Car Tax. Otherwise you will likely pay the Goods and Service Tax. Fees vary greatly depending on each specific vehicle. Titan International Shipping Agents can help you determine an approximate fee you can expect to pay.

Select from a 20ft container, 40 ft, container, or roll on roll off (RORO). The most common method is RORO, which is least expensive. A 20 ft. Container provides extra security and is usually 40-50% more expensive.

Choose your destination port in Australia.

Clean your vehicle and keep record of damage. It is always recommended that you purchase insurance and photograph your vehicle.

Transport your vehicle to the shipping port or request for Titan to pick up your vehicle.


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